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In a perfect world, I would be able to write my novels and read the works penned by others at the same time. My brain simply does not allow me to do both. So, I must always choose one over the other. I’ve often heard of authors who have the ability to combine the two activities – in fact, some claim reading while they are writing helps them to improve their craft. For me, reading during a writing period would serve only as a distraction, and leave me feeling annoyed and frustrated. But, how can this be? I LOVE reading. Could it be possible that I love writing more?
After releasing two novels back-to-back, I decided it was time to take a break from writing and get back to some reading. As I dove into my long-lost reader’s pool, I found the waters to be less stimulating in comparison to riding the on the high (and low)-crested waves of the writers’ ocean. I began to worry, and felt a swell of mourning churn inside me, as it seemed my love of reading had simply passed away.
As I was about to accept the death of one of my most cherished past-times, and fully surrender myself -again- to the pulsating realm of writing, Jodi Picoult’s “The Storyteller” came into my life. It fed me thought-provoking drama with a delicious writing style that was easy to digest. I couldn’t get enough of it, devouring page after page until there was nothing left. Feeling satisfied, and relieved that my love of reading was reborn, I felt it was time to return back to the magical world of writing, as it is simply something a true writer must do. And, as I write this now, I’m thinking Jodi has a dozen other novels I haven’t read yet, and I can’t help but wonder… hmmm, could it be possible I love reading more?

– Kelly O’Callan