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If one wonders what can be found on the top of a writer’s wish list, I’m sure there may be several different things listed. A better computer, more time to write, to finish projects that were started, financial success to be able to quit the day job, and making it to the best-sellers list would be many of the things we’d see. But, for me, the pot of gold at the end of my rainbow would be in getting to work with the correct editor. Notice that I did not state a “great” or “wonderful” editor, but the “correct” one.
During a group session in one of my writers’ clubs, I had six writers offer to edit the first three chapters of a novel I had written and I was more than happy to take them up on their offer. How wonderful to receive editing from one writer, and I was going to have editing work done by six! Surely, they would all find the same corrections needing to be applied and I would not have to second guess if they were right or wrong. I was WRONG. When I received back my six manuscript copies, I had six VERY different versions of editing, which read like six VERY different stories. None, which contained the vision or voice that matched the original.
So, you can imagine it felt much like winning the lottery when I met my current editor, Nina. Not only are her edits spot on, in my mind, but she is able to keep my vision and voice intact throughout, by her uncanny ability to adapt to my writing style. With Nina, as my editor, I’ve been granted relief from the burden of worrying about my chosen vision for the story being distorted, or told in another writer’s voice. The stories I write are truly as I meant for them to be, just the way I wanted them to be told. For this writer, that is, without a doubt, me finding my pot of gold.

— Kelly O’Callan