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I’ve often heard that nobody will be more excited about an author’s body of work than the author himself. So, I had no pre-conceived notions when I published my first novel, it would be I who would be the one most thrilled about it. But, it seems as though my older brother, Patrick, has outdone me in the adrenaline rush category.

When I first mentioned to my brother that my book, Breaking Limbo, was available on Amazon, his face lit up like carnival lights against a late night sky. I was flattered by his joy for me, and expected it to be short-lived moment, even with him assuring me he was going to do his best to spread the word. After all, why would he be any more interested in book sales than I, the one who wrote it?

Then the calls came in, one after the other, “Hi Kelly, it’s Patrick. I got someone to buy your book and they’d like to talk to you about it.” Here I was, having the opportunity to talk with a random stranger, who by the end of the conversation, was a potential fan of my work, and a reader I got a chance to connect with. The calls came at the most unusual times; some in the early morning hours while Patrick was picking up a coffee at a convenience store to the late night hours while he sat having a drink at the local bar. And, on a few occasions, I had quite the chuckle having learned many of these people had only met my brother mere minutes prior to our speaking. 

So, as I sit here and write this blog, my phone notifies me that I have a text message. It is from Patrick, and it reads “I got another person to get your book today. Go get’em, baby sister. You have a gift. Stick with it and never give up or let anyone get in your way.” Oh, I have a better gift than writing, dear brother, I have a gift that wouldn’t let me give up or have anything stand in my way, and his name is Patrick.


—Kelly O’Callan