When a person hears that another has written a novel, their natural reaction is to ask, “Is it published?”. I’ve heard that question asked more times than I can recall in the past fifteen years. Yes, I had two completed novels under my belt and was about to start the writing process of a third, but the notion of publishing the works was not that appealing to me. I wondered why every now and then, until I shrugged it off as something not meant for me.

Then, while visiting at a friend’s house, I met a woman who was a clairvoyant and a life coach. She stared at me with prying eyes, and rolled her index finger back-and-forth a few times in a gesture to tell me she wanted to speak with me. We went to a separate room in a quest for privacy, and it was in those moments that followed, that I received an answer to a question I stored in the dust-covered attic in my mind. The eccentric woman took out a vacuum cleaner for the subconscious, blew off the dust and sucked out the contents.

She told me that I was years behind where I was supposed to be in life and asked why I was not writing the way I was meant to be; I had a gift and I should be using it. Feeling red-faced, I told the woman that I wasn’t using it because I didn’t want it. I didn’t think it was fair that I had a gift that others deserved or would appreciate more than I. She told me that the gift was not just meant for me, but for others, and that it would not help other people if I refused to share it with them. Hearing the woman speak these words, I felt awful for the time that had gone by without me being able to see the bigger picture. Yet, I was so grateful for her showing it to me then.

So, now, as I have released one novel and a short story to publication, with several more to soon follow, I am appreciative of the gift I was given. Because it is one of the greatest gifts to receive….since I can share it with others. 


— Kelly O’Callan